Cul-de-Sac Zodiac

12 Unusual and Inspiring Designs of Zodiac Signs

Zodiac. Renee Nault

website: Renee Nault’s Portfolio on Behance, Renee Nault’s Blog
Renee Nault Zodiac 1ReneeNault zodiac 2


Zodiac. Sophie Blackall

website: Sophie Blackall Portfolio
Sophie Blackall Zodiac 1Sophie Blackall Zodiac 2


Ariel Arburola. Zodiac

website: Ariel Arburola’s Portfolio on Behance
Ariel Arburola Zodiac Signs


Mats Bergen. Zodiac

website: Mats Bergen’s Portfolio
Mats Bergen Virgo in Zodiac SignsMats Bergen Zodiac Signs


Catalina Estrada. Zune

website: Catalina Estrada Portafolio, Catalina Estrada’s Flickr’s Photostream
Catalina Estrada Zodiac for Zune


zazodiacs [2010 calendar]

website: The zazdesign Portfolio on Behance
Zazodiacs calendar 2010 1 Zazodiacs 2010 Calendar 2010 2


Sasha Foster. Embroidered Illustrations

website: Sasha Foster’s Portfolio on Behance, Sasha Foster’s Blog
Sasha Foster Zodiac


ZODIAC cul-de-sac

website: Jennifer Miranda’s Portfolio on Behance
Cul-de-Sac Zodiac


Annika Tutsch. Collage

website: Annika Tutsch’s Portfolio on Behance
Annika Tutsch Zodiak


Zodiac Signs Coins

Silver collector coins issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus in the ‘Zodiac Signs’ series

Belarus Coins with Zodiac Signs


Tony Ganem. Zodiac Signs.

website: Tony Ganem’s Portfolio on Behance
Tony Gaem Leo in Zodiac Signs


Maria Mie. For kids

website: Maria Mie’s Portfolio on Behance
Maria Mie Zodiac Signs


From Aries to Pisces there are 12 signs in Babylonian zodiac. In this article we feature 12 artists whose designs differ from one another as much as the character traits assigned to each zodiacal symbol. All twelve of them original and inspiring.
(By the way, Pinkonhead is Scorpio and PeHaa is Sagittarius).

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