matte stephens dancing

13 Illustrators that Dance

Gabriel Moreno. Disco Mahou

website: Gabriel Moreno’s personal website
Gabriel Moreno disco mahou


Sybile. Danseuses du Monde

website: Sybile’s Gallery
Sybile dance illustration 1Sybile dance illustration 2


Patic Leger. Saturday Night

website: Patrick Leger’s Portfolio


Olof Sdotter. Bon Magazine

website: Gabriel Moreno’s personal website


Felicia Atanasiu. Sense and Sensuality

website: Felicia Atanasiu. Fine Art & Illustration
felicia atanasiu dance


Rory Kurtz. Kathleen Breen Combes

website: The work of Rory Kurtz
Rory Kurtz dance


Satoshi Matsuzawa

website: Satoshi Matsuzawa on

satoshi matsuzawa dance


Matte Stephens. Dancing/Gnomes

website: Matte Stephens Blog
matte stephens dancingmatte stephens dancing gnomes


Yekaterina Vassilenko. Dance

website: Yekaterina Vassilenko’s Portfolio on Behance
yekaterina vassilenko


Charis Tsevis. Dancing with circles

website: Charis Tsevis’s Portfolio on Behance
charis tsevis dance


Neryl Walker. Josephine

website: Neryl Walker’s blog
Neryl Walker Josephine


Hafter Seyer. Pina Bausch

website: Hafter Seyer’s Porfolio on Behance
Pina Bausch by Hafter Seyer


Anna Wand. Dance

website: Anna Wand’s Porfolio on Behance
Anna Wand dance


It’s obvious for everybody that the term ‘dance’ has a very vast definition and gives rise to various associations. I was wondering how famous illustrators approach this subject.
Take a look and get inspired by creations of 13 artists featured in this article.

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