Creative walls

In this post I present over 30 stunning examples of creative wall design. This selection covers vinyl stickers and decals, “almost” traditional wallpapers, ink and paint illustrations on walls, mural painting, walls covered in dictionary pages… and what is hard to be categorized otherwise than as “mixed technique”. Get inspired on how to add some unique character to both private and business spaces.
Murales. Georgina Ciotti

website: Ariel Ramirez flickr Portfolio /


ariel_ramirez2murals peluqueria polopelo by Georgina Ciottigeorigina ciotti sandra mural

Hooked Mural

website: Raewyn Haughton Illustration/Design: Hooked Mural


Coco Jo Wall

website: Raewyn Haughton: Coco Jo Wall

Raewyn Haughton: Coco Jo Wall


website: Wall Print

wall print serie: caroussel

Rolling Thunder Office Mural

website: Kris Balerite’s Portfolio

rolling thunder mural 0rolling thunder mural

Mural in Border

website: CILER’s Portfolio

Mural in Border

Nature abstract by Eika

website: Dopludo Collective’s Portfolio

Nature abstract by Eika mural

thee Ace Hotel

website: genvy’s photostream on flickr

Ace hotel mural 1Ace hotel mural 2

Wall Stickers for FUGU

website: Gaku Imai’s Portfolio

wall stickers for fugu

Ink and paint

website: Karl Kwasny’s Portfolio

karl kwasnys changeroom mural


website: e-glue wall stickers
e-glue wall stickers

39.22. Egg / Octapo / Hamco


street colors wallpaper 3922octapo-blue 3922 street colors wallpaperHamco 3922 street colors wallpaper


website: Owner Portfolios Egor Bashakov / Elay Dopludo Collective


Zeptonn’s Wall Graphics

website: Zeptonn’s Portfolio

zeptonn wallpaper graphicszeptonn wall graphics 1zeptonn wall graphics 2

1 Week 2 Walls

website: Kierlisbon’s Portfolio
marisa wall mural marisa 1 wall muralemanuel irina wall muralemanuel irina 1 wall mural

Thomas Weinreich wall murals

website: Thomas Weinreich blog

thomas weinreich wall muralthomas weinreich wall mural 1thomas weinreich wall mural 2athomas weinreich wall mural 2b

Chalkboard wall

website: Monicaaaa is dead.’a flickr photostream
chalkboard wall

The Concrete Company

website: CaƱero’s Portfolio

Sally Boyle’s Wall Decals

website: Sally Boyle on Etsy / sallyboyle’s flickr photostream

dog peacock wall stickers

Vinyl Wall Stickers by Hu2 Design

website: (Hu2 design) / Hu2 Design / Vinyl Wall Stickers’ photostream

hu2 design wall vinyl sticker


  1. Monika

    wow!!!! now I want this work of art on my wall :D

  2. I will have walls … so great! me also so wonderful to paint walls

  3. Eri Ador

    Just the push I needed to start doing my walls!

  4. Nice list :)
    Really creative!

  5. Totong Wa

    I got a same “doodled” wall .. how can I contribute to this list?

  6. When I found your blog was like wow. Thanks for putting your effort in publishing this tutorial.

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